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Barracuda Backup

What are typical transfer times for offsite backup with the Barracuda Backup Service?

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Barracuda Backup Service




Your initial offsite backup may take on the order of days to get in sync but all of the data is backed up locally on the Barracuda Backup Server during this period. After the initial large transfer is complete, replicating your daily data changes offsite should complete with only a few hours of transfer each day. By default, the Barracuda Backup Service comes configured to run full speed data transfers only at night so your bandwidth is not affected while your users are at work. Typical hours to enable backups might be from 8pm to 6am (a 10 hour period).


The length of transfer time it will take to get your data offsite is impacted by the compression and de-duplication rates on your data, your ?uplink? speed of your Internet connection, the amount of your data that changes everyday, any ?speed limits? or rate controls you apply to the Barracuda Backup Service.


Here are the typical amounts of data various Internet connections will support based on average storage efficiency and data change rates.


Data AmountUplink SpeedNormal Initial SyncDaily Change Sync
20GB-100GB200 kbps (entry DSL, Cable)~ 1-20 days~ 1-8 hours
100GB-250GB512 kbps (mid range DSL, Cable)~ 1-20 days~ 1-8 hours
250GB-500GB768 kbps (premium DSL, Cable)~ 1-20 days~ 1-8 hours
500GB-1TB1.54 Mbps (T1 or equivalent)~ 1-20 days~ 1-8 hours
2TB and Up1 + #TB/2 Mbps (Fiber, DS3, etc.)~ 1-20 days~ 1-8 hours


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