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Barracuda Backup

What is a Smart backup on the Barracuda Backup Server?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago

Solution #00004477


Applies to all Barracuda Backup Servers using Barracuda Backup Agent to capture MS Exchange or MS SQL database.

The Smart backup feature is a tool used to minimize impact of database backups on network resources necessary to transfer data off site.

It is available through the Web Interface under Backup Tab > Schedules > Agent Details. Selecting the Backup Type Smart and setting the Minimum Threshold and Maximum Threshold will give the Backup Server a set of rules for switching between full and transaction log (incremental) database backups.

Minimum Threshold sets the floor. A full backup will be performed no more frequently than the number of days selected. The default is seven days.

Maximum Threshold sets the ceiling. A Full backup will be performed no less frequently than the number of days selected. The default is 14 days.

After a number of days equal to the Minimum Threshold the Backup Server will begin checking how much data is on the Offsite Transfer Queue each time a backup run is scheduled. If there is more than 1 GB on the queue, the Backup Server will perform a log backup. It will continue to check each successive backup run until there is either less than 1 GB on the Offsite Transfer Queue or until the Maximum Threshold is reached.

If the Backup Server gets to the Maximum Threshold, a full database backup will run no matter the status of data on the Offsite Transfer Queue.


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