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Barracuda Backup

How to use the Recovery Storage group feature for Microsoft Exchange with the Barracuda Backup Service?

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Applies to Barracuda Backup Service, version 4.x and above.



To use the Recovery Storage group feature for Microsoft Exchange, follow these steps:

Create a folder on the Exchange server for the restore:

Example: C:\MyExchangeRestore\

Log into your control panel for your BBS.
Go to the Restore tab.
Expand down and highlight the Microsoft Exchange Server object.
Click on Restore next to the storage group object on the right that you wish to restore.
Enable the Use a recovery storage group option and type in the folder path for the folder you created.

Click on Start Restoring.
Once the restore completes, your database files will be restored to the specified location.
You can then use the steps per Microsoft to mount these database files into the Recovery Storage group.

You will want to check with Microsoft as to what types of data can be made available in a Recovery Storage Group (RSG).

For example, per Microsoft:

You can only recover mailbox stores to a Recovery Storage Group (RSG). Other items such as Public Folders cannot be restored to a RSG.

This means that some items you may wish to restore you may have to restore to an alternate server, rather than to a RSG, if overwriting of data upon restore is a potential concern.

This question comes up occasionally specifically for restoration of public folders. Several links to Microsoft articles regarding working with public folders are below:

Exchange Server 2003 / Exchange 2000 Server

Exchange 2007 


Link to this page:

Additional information is available at by clicking here.