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Barracuda Backup

What can I do if I have disabled Circular Logging and/or Backup Exec but backups of my Exchange Storage group still fail?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00004654



Applies to Barracuda Backup Service.


If you have disabled Circular Logging and/or Backup Exec but backups of your Exchange Storage group still fail, check the following:

The Agent Trace file will show an error similar to the following:
Some log or patch files are missing.

There are two common causes of this:


  1. Circular logging being in place/ having recently been in place.
  2. Another application truncating the necessary transaction logs. If you are running another backup program, you will wish to disable it.


If you have disabled circular logging and restarted the storage group, you can try setting the Barracuda Backup Agent backup of that share to Full, not Smart (you set this in the Schedule for that share). This will force a full backup and Exchange will then trust us to perform the incremental backups needed for Smart backups and then you can set the backup type to Smart.

If this error continues despite running a full backup, sometimes a reboot of Exchange is also needed. If the errors still continue despite all of the above, it may be that an offline repair of the storage group may be necessary.


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