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Barracuda Backup

What can I do if I find 400, 403 or 440 errors while attempting to perform message level backups on my Barracuda Backup Server?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00005618

  • Barracuda Backup Servers with Exchange Message-Level shares reporting 403, 440 or 400 errors while attempting to perform a backup of email messages.
  • The verification of the share fails with an error connecting to Outlook Web Access.
  • Redirection to the /owa directory might also occur in this situation.


Message Level Backups of Exchange 2007 have been updated to use Exchange Web Services (EWS) in place of Outlook Web Access (OWA).  It is highly recommended to perform these backup using EWS.  For information on how to configure the Exchange 2007 Message level backups please reference solution 3906.

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