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Barracuda Backup

How can I enable the Agent based backups on my Barracuda Backup Server running firmware 3.0 and later?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00005628

This solution applies to all Barracuda Backup Servers, firmware version 6.1 and higher.


In your Barracuda Backup Service Web Interface (, navigate to BACKUP > Sources > Edit (for your server, between 'Add Data Source' and the red X)

You will only have the following options to select from:
  • Agent Software Backup (recommended)
  • Enable File Share Backups 
When you select 'Agent Software Backup (recommended)' the agent will display on the sources screen once the Barracuda Backup Agent has been installed on the target server.

It is recommended that you ensure that your server is configured with it's IP Address (recommended) or Fully Qualified Domain Name (i.e. server.domain.local).

Additional Notes:
For information on where to download and instructions on installing the agent please see Solution #00003983.

Link to this page: