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Barracuda Backup

How can I backup Hyper-V virtual machines using the Barracuda Backup Service?

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This solution applies to all Barracuda Backup Servers, firmware version 3.0 and higher.

Microsoft Hyper-V, formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization, is a hypervisor-based virtualization system for x86-64 systems. Utilizing the Barracuda Backup Agent, the Backup Service is able to backup these virtual machines using the following methods:

Backup Using Child Partition Snapshot (Recommended)
  1. Install the Barracuda Backup Agent on to the Windows environment.
    • If needed, see Solution 3983 for more information on installing the Agent.
  2. In the Hyper-V console, navigate to the settings on the necessary Virtual Machines and select "Backup (Volume Snapshot)" under integrations settings.
    • Note: If this is not selected the backup will be a "Saved state", see Additional Notes on the differences.
  3. In the web interface for your Backup Service, navigate to Backup > Edit Agent Data Source and ensure that the necessary Virtual Machines are selected for backup.
Additional Notes:
A Child Partition Snapshot backs up the virtual machine by building a '.avhd' snapshot file by using the guests OS's (Virtual Machine's) VSS writers to read the files internally without having to pause the system.  Conversely, a Saved State backup uses the Host's (Physical Machine's) VSS writers solely and pauses the guest to build a backup.

The Saved State backup is not recommended because it temporarily stops the virtual machine to back it up, which can cause issues with restoring virtual SQL or Exchange environments from such a backup.

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