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Barracuda Backup

How can I restore a mailbox from the Exchange Message Level Backup on my Barracuda Backup Server when that user's mailbox has been deleted?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00005770

This solution applies to the Barracuda Backup Server.

The following is the procedure for restoring a mailbox and its contents (excluding contacts and calendar) when the user has been removed from AD and Exchange.

Restoring the Mailbox:
  1. First you must recreate the user or another user in AD that you plan to restore the mailbox contents to. (This can be the same user, but it is not necessary.)
  2. Create an associated mailbox for that user in Exchange.
  3. Launch the Barracuda Restore Browser from the cloud based web interface.
  4. Choose a date for which you want to restore the mailbox from (Last Known Good revision)
  5. Select the deleted user's mailbox from the list of mailboxes on the Exchange Server MLB.
  6. Click the Restore link to the right of that box 
  7. Choose original location, and the user mailbox you plan to restore to.
  8. The path list that appears below can be changed, if desired. (This is the folder name the restored data will be placed within the user's mailbox)
  9. Click Start Restoring.
  10. Log in to the users Active Directory account, and then open their Exchange mailbox. You will find the data contents in the folder that was chosen. 
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