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Barracuda Backup

How can I run batch commands before and/or after an Agent based backup with the Barracuda Backup Service?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00005868


This solution applies to Barracuda Backup Service, firmware version 4.1 and above.

Agent Backup only.  

In the 4.1 firmware, there exists the option to run pre and post Agent backup commands, by editing the bbconfig.ini file.

This will enable you to stop and start certain processes on the host computer that has the Agent installed on it. This can allow you to stop conflicting processes only during the time that the Agent is backing up files.

If you want to automatically stop a specific process before starting the backup job, you can specify the batch file to stop the service. In a similar way, if you want to automatically start a specific process after completing the backup job, you can specify the batch file to start the service.  

It should be noted that if the pre-backup batch commands fail, this 
may cause the backup to not run.

Barracuda Backup Agent Running on a Microsoft Windows System

To do this, you need to edit bbconfig.ini file on the server at C:\Program Files\Barracuda\Barracuda Backup Agent\config\ 

In the [configuration] section, add two lines like:

# the batch file to stop the process

# the batch file to start the process

Barracuda Linux Backup Agent Running on a Linux/Unix-Based System

Please visit the Backup Campus articles for this feature, which can be found here.