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Barracuda Backup

Does the Barracuda Backup Agent support IBM Domino servers?

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This solution applies to the Barracuda Backup Agent.

While the Barracuda Backup Agent does not have a IBM Domino or IBM Notes support, we protect IBM Domino databases on a Windows 2003 or 2008 platform using our File System backups

We use the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to capture the open database files consistently. A IBM Domino server is a collection of databases using the flat-file structure. If you review the database files in a IBM Domino environment, you will see each user has a unique database for e-mail and they may share application databases. This can result in hundreds or even thousands of smaller, unique database files in the IBM Notes /data directory. (To compare, an Exchange deployment will have relatively few databases, maybe one or two supporting an entire company). 
  • The IBM Domino databases are accessed using IBM Notes clients. 
  • A IBM Domino database has a file extension of ?.nsf?. 
  • Within the database file there can be data, design elements and programming code. 
  • Each database file also has its own security in the form of an Access Control list (ACL). 

A complete backup of a IBM Domino server should include all of the following:
  1. IBM Domino server data files 
  2. All databases
  3. Template files
  4. The notes.ini file
  5. ID files 

The files required to be open for a IBM Domino server to run are these:
  1. Logs.nsf
  2. Names.nsf
  4. Server ID file 

We use VSS to backup these open files. The Barracuda Backup Service can perform both full and incremental backups of the IBM Domino server. Because the data can be made up of many small database files that all change close to daily, the incremental/differential backup can be very close to the master in size. However, due to the way IBM Domino writes the changes to the end of the files, we see a large amount of de-duplication on these backups. 

When using the VSS backup method it is recommended that two commands be executed as pre-backup commands. They are:
  • nserver ?c ?drop all?
  • nserver ?c ?dbcache flush?

This releases all open sessions and closes most open files. These commands can be placed into a single batch file on the server which is called by a pre-backup command by following this solution

Note: Barracuda Networks does not support IBM Domino transaction logging.