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Barracuda Backup

Which ports does VMware need accessible in order for the Barracuda Backup Server to be able to access it?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
This solution applies to Barracuda Backup Servers

The ports that will need to be accessible in order for the Barracuda Backup Server to be able to access VMWare servers are as follows:

For Data Recovery:
  • 902 TCP Data Recovery Appliance ESX Host VDR to ESX Communication
  • 22024 TCP Data Recovery vSphere Client Plug-in Data Recovery Appliance Data Recovery Management

Ports Related to Features Not Related to Data Recovery:
  • 22 TCP User VDP ssh (for debugging)
  • 53 UDP VDP DNS server DNS
  • 80 TCP User VDP http
  • 111 TCP, UDP VDP ESXi/ESX rpcbind
  • 443 TCP User VDP https
  • 700 TCP VDP, LDAP Active Directory Loginmgr tool
  • 7778 TCP vCenter VDP VDP, RMI
  • 7779 TCP vCenter VDP VDP, RMI
  • 8509 TCP vCenter VDP Tomcat AJP Connector
  • 8543 TCP User VDP Redirect for Tomcat
  • 8580 TCP vCenter VDP VDP Downloader
  • 9443 TCP vCenter VDP VDP Web Services
  • 27000 TCP VDP vCenter Licensing communication

These ports are specified for EXSI 5.0 and higher, and are more thoroughly outlined than those from vmware's official website, as the device  are interacts with the Data Recovery and vStorage APIs. The following VMware kb articles regarding required ports for proper communication may be referenced for both VMware version 5.0 and other versions: (required ports for vCenter 5.0) (Working with firewall rules in ESX 4.x)
(General information about TCP and UDP ports required for vCenter and ESXi servers in general)

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