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Barracuda Backup

How can the customer set up their replacement BBS unit?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00007258

All Barracuda BBS Units

Hello from Barracuda Networks,

It is very important that you read this entire email paying special attention to the bold text.

This email is to notify you that we have received a Barracuda Backup Server replacement notification for your new device. Once you've received and activated your new device, you have several options to choose from for the replacement. These options are:

1)    Copy From the Barracuda Cloud or Box-to-Box Receiver: (Fast)

  • Any data residing on the cloud, as well as your configuration will be copied to the new device.
  • Any data that existed ONLY locally to the old device will be lost.
  • Any data that was not successfully replicated will NOT be retrievable.

2)    Copy From the Existing Device: (Faster)

  • All data will be copied from the old device to the new one.
  • Includes configuration, which is copied from the cloud.
  • Can be used only if the old device is still fully functional.
  • The old device cannot be in recovery mode
  • Requires a support-tunnel opened on the old device.

3)    Start Binary Data From Scratch And Keep Configuration: (Even Faster)

  • The option to copy ONLY the configuration from the cloud. (ALL history and replicated data on the cloud will be discarded)

4)    Start Completely From Scratch: (Fastest)

  • The option to start with a blank slate. (ALL history, replicated data, and previous configuration on the cloud will be discarded)

Please REPLY ALL to this email with your choice from the options above of how you would like the replacement handled.

Warning: By default backups will run on their normally scheduled times. If you want backups to run as soon as the new device is able please let us know and we can make that happen.

Also, to avoid any data loss scenario, please let us know if you have edited the configuration at any time between the time the new device was activated and you received this email.

Finally, if this is NOT an RMA or Hardware Refresh, please specify if you are returning the old device or re-using it.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support at 1-408-342-5300.

Thank you and have a great day,

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