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Barracuda Backup

What is the Barracuda Backup Agent directory structure for the Barracuda Backup Server?

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Barracuda Backup Service 4.3 to 5.2. 


The Barracuda Backup Agent is installed on the local Windows machines that are intended to be backed up through an Agent Data source. This data source may be configured in the Portal interface under Backup-> Sources. This solution details the overall file structure of the Barracuda Backup Agent installation.

The default directory where the Barracuda Backup Agent is installed is C:\Program Files\Barracuda\Barracuda Backup Agent. The folders you would see in this directory are:

  • config
  • bbconfig
  • bbdetect (This detect file initializes various agent features. Lines can be commented out using a semicolon at the beginning of the line if there are features of the agent that you do not want to load, such as Exchange/SQL/etc.).
  • bbfilter
  • bbinstall
  • database (This is an internal database for the agent to maintain organization of the managed files for backup, and it will have various .dat files present.)
  • log (This will have the bbtrace files. Each time the agent service is restarted it will give the current bbtrace file a number and move to the next. These files are often used to log agent side errors.)
  • Resource (Various resource files.)
  • temp (Typically empty, if it is downloading an update the update installer will be placed here temporarily until installed.)
  • win (This will contain the .dll files and applications for the agent service)
  • bbwinsvc (This is a parent application that will direct to the appropriate application .exe under the 'win' folder.)
  • setup (The setup installation file)

Additional Notes:          

              - If the volume that the agent is installed to has two or less GB of available free space, the agent will attempt to move its database to another volume, if one is available.

              - The agent will run as a service called 'Barracuda Backup Agent.' 

              - This will appear as the process called 'bbwinsvc' or "bbwinsdr."

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