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Barracuda Backup

How can I troubleshoot failed Microsoft SQL 2012 backups?

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Barracuda Backup Servers with firmware 5.3 and above.

The Barracuda Backup Agent performs backups of Microsoft SQL 2012 databases using the Windows SQL Volume Shadow Service (VSS) writer. Integrating with the VSS writer allows the agent to perform differential backups of SQL, rather than incremental, capturing only the changes between each backup.

Microsoft Technet - SQL Writer Service 

In order to perform successful backups of SQL 2012, the following must be configured:
  1. The SQL Server Writer must be running
  2. The SQL Server Agent must be configured to use the credentials of an account that is a member of the sysadmin fixed server role
  3. The account must have the following permissions:
    1. Log on as a service (SeServiceLogonRight)
    2. Replace a process-level token (SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege)
    3. Bypass traverse checking (SeChangeNotifyPrivilege)
    4. Adjust memory quotas for a process (SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege)

Common Issues Experienced:
  1. Checking the health of the SQL writer can be done by opening a command prompt windows and running the vssadmin list writers tool.
  2. If the SQL writer is missing  and the Application Event log does not indicate an error, confirm the SQL Server VSS Writer Service is added to the sysadmin role in the SQL Server Management Console. If this role was set correctly,  check the the database names for the presence of any spaces. 
  3. Run the query select ?#? + name +?#? from sys.databases  to show the database names. If there are any spaces present in the names, you must rename those databases. Trailing spaces can be easy to overlook!
Rename a Database

After changing the database names, run the vssadmin list writers command  again and check the results to verify that the writer has reappeared correctly.

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