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Barracuda Backup

How can I have Microsoft SQL 2012 truncate its logs after the Barracuda Backup Service backs them up?

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Currently, the Barracuda Backup Service supports two separate (and mutually exclusive) methods to backup SQL 2012 databases:

- The original 'Microsoft SQL Server' object, which relies on both VDI and SQL commands to perform backups. 

-  'Microsoft SQL' object ,which uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to backup databases directly.  VSS does not support log truncation (a limitation of the VSS Writer provided by Microsoft).


There are two possible interim solutions for log truncation when the 'Microsoft SQL' object is being used.


1. Set up a maintenance plan to truncate the logs through SQL Management studio.  See


2. Enable the agent to use the former 'Microsoft SQL Server' object to backup SQL Server 2012 and later databases. This can be configured by setting 'vssSqlVersion=20' in the agent's bbconfig.ini file.  The old object will perform incremental backups and truncate the logs. Disclaimer!! the only part that should be copied and pasted is "vssSqlVersion=20", otherwise, this will not work correctly.

Edit the Barracuda Backup Agent

Use the following instructions to edit the Barracuda Backup Agent installed on the SQL Server to use the former Microsoft SQL Server object:

On the Microsoft SQL Server where the Barracuda Backup Agent is installed, open the Services console.

Right-click on the Service Barracuda Backup Agent, and click Stop. The Service is now stopped.

Open the bbconfig.ini file in Notepad as an administrator; the default file location is:

C:/Program Files/Barracuda/Barracuda Backup Agent/config/bbconfig.ini

Set vssSqlVersion=20 under the configuration section in the file. For example:  









Save and close the file.

Open Services once again.

Right-click on the Service Barracuda Backup Agent, and click Start . The Status field should display as Started .

VDI is now enabled to implement incremental SQL database backup and truncate log files.

If databases do not appear below the container:

  • The user "NT Authority\SYSTEM" should have Server Roles permissions as the following screen shot shows:

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