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Using Third-Party Security Awareness Training with Barracuda Products

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Customers that use a third-party awareness training platform, in conjunction with our email security solutions, will encounter link clicks coming from various Barracuda maintained services. Some of these clicks will come from documented IPs, while others will not.

(See Barracuda Networks published IP list.)

While we acknowledge the challenges posed by the integration of third-party security awareness training with our solutions, it's important to note that we currently do not have plans to release the IP addresses for these services. Our decision not to disclose IP ranges for our services stems from internal operational considerations and our commitment to security and privacy. We understand the implications this may have for some customers and appreciate your understanding of our current approach.

Here are two possible solutions to address this:

  1. Explore the option of using the Outlook plugin provided by your third-party security awareness training vendor instead of ours. While this may impact the integration into our incident response platform, it provides an alternative solution for managing simulation links.
  2. Use Barracuda Security Awareness Training (SAT) – Customers using Barracuda SAT do not have to worry about Barracuda systems generating link clicks on their campaign emails. Our services are internally exempted.