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Barracuda Terminal Server Agent

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To let the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall get user information for users who are logged into a Microsoft Terminal Server, install the Barracuda Terminal Server Agent (TS Agent). It functions similarly to the Barracuda DC Agent for Windows domain controllers, which authenticates users according to the IP addresses that are mapped to their usernames and group context. However, the Barracuda TS Agent authenticates users according to a specified port range because every user on the Terminal Server has the same IP address.

The Barracuda TS Agent maps each user to a source port range and sends this mapping to the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall with user information. When the firewall receives a TCP or UDP packet, it looks at the source port and IP address and then matches rules on the users distinguished name and group membership. Connections with the Barracuda TS Agent are SSL encrypted. Mapping information for users is only sent after connections are established. The Barracuda TS Agent also writes a debug log that helps you monitor your Terminal Server and identify possible problems.

Barracuda TS Agent Components

The Barracuda TS Agent comprises the following:

  • TSAgentDrv – Windows Filtering Platform driver. It intercepts the network traffic and assigns the specific source port number.
  • TSAgentSvc – Service that communicates with the TSAgentDrv driver and the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall. It automatically starts on system start and recovers when terminated unexpectedly.
  • TSAgentConfig – Configuration utility. TSAgentConfig also shows the current debug log and helps identify problems.

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