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Barracuda Networks Sunset Policy

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The Barracuda Networks Sunset Policy retires older versions of its products, discontinues future fixes, enhancements, ongoing testing against those versions, and discontinues access to Barracuda Networks Technical Support. Retiring older versions of Barracuda Networks products allows us to direct resources toward enhancing our products and providing support for more current versions used by the vast majority of Barracuda Networks customers.

Sunset Policy Provisions

  1. Product End-of-Life. Barracuda Networks may discontinue sale of a product at any time. Customers may only purchase new Energize Updates ("EU") for End of Sale products during the six-month period immediately after the End of Sale date. After that time, Barracuda Networks may reject new orders for EU, including renewal orders. 
  2. End-of-Support. Barracuda Networks will only provide ongoing fixes and enhancements for the current generally available ("GA") product versions. Customers must have a current support subscription to receive product updates and support. Security Updates may also be made available for prioritized security issues in prior releases as set forth in the chart below. Customers should upgrade to the current versions for the most up-to-date functionality, software fixes and security updates. Barracuda Networks may, in its sole discretion, deliver security updates for prioritized security vulnerabilities in unsupported versions, however Customers may be required to purchase a newer version of the product to resolve the problem. Customers must have a current support subscription in order to receive support.

    Barracuda Networks strongly encourages customers to upgrade to the latest releases as soon as it is convenient.


Supported Version


Fixes, Enhancements, Security

Prioritized Security Updates Only

Barracuda Email Security Gateway 9.2


Barracuda Web Security Gateway16.015.0
Barracuda Web Security Agent5.05.0
Barracuda Reporting Server2.0 
Barracuda Link BalancerEnd of Life 
Barracuda Load BalancerEnd of Life - End of Support

Barracuda Load Balancer ADC*


Barracuda Message Archiver



Barracuda Web Application Firewall12.011.1

Barracuda Phone System

End of Life - End of Support

Barracuda SSL VPN

End of Life - End of Support

Barracuda Backup


Barracuda Control ServerEnd of Life - End of Support

Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series

End of Support and End of Life Information

Barracuda CloudGen FirewallEnd-of-Support and End-of-Life Information
Barracuda ArchiveOne

End of Support and End of Life Information

Barracuda ArchiveOne for Files

End of Life - End of Support

PST Enterprise5.25.1


* Barracuda Load Balancer ADC SKUs were updated to include a hyphen.