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Barracuda Reference / FAQ

How to Open a Support Tunnel

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The Barracuda device attempts a connection to the Barracuda Networks support server in the following order:

  • term.cuda-support.com 22 – support tunnel
  • support01.barracudanetworks.com 8788 – proxy to the support server

When opening the support tunnel, the Barracuda device attempts to connect directly to the Barracuda Support Server term.cuda-support.com on port 22. If the connection fails, the device attempts to open the support tunnel using a proxy on port 8788 to the old hostname support01.barracudanetworks.com.

The connection to port 8788 is to the Barracuda proxy server which redirects the traffic to the Barracuda support server on port 22. This proxy server is on the Barracuda Networks IP range of

Either open your network to allow the Barracuda device outbound access to ALL on port 22 or only open port 8788 outbound to Barracuda's existing range, which is where the proxy servers are located.

You must have a valid external DNS to resolve support tunnel DNS entries.

Figure 1. Secure Troubleshooting Connection.


Note that the Barracuda device will attempt to connect to the hostname term.cuda-support.com before it fails over to the Barracuda 64 network. This is expected.

Test Your Network

To test the connection to the support tunnel, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the ADVANCED > Troubleshooting page and scroll to the Network Connectivity Tests section. In the Telnet Device field, enter:
    term.cuda-support.com 22
  2. Click Begin Telnet. You should connect if the port is open.
  3. In the Telnet Device field, enter:
    support01.barracudanetworks.com 8788
  4. Click Begin Telnet. You should connect if the port is open.

If you cannot connect to at least one, there is a block on your network that must be resolved.

Customers or networks using an SSL relay (interceptor) will be unable to open a support tunnel. Barracuda verifies the certificate in both directions and if something is intercepting that traffic the connection cannot be made.

For additional troubleshooting options, click Help on the ADVANCED > Troubleshooting page in the web interface.


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