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Barracuda Campus Help Center / Reference

How to Log In

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Barracuda Campus offers documentation, training, and certification for customers and partners using or selling Barracuda Networks products. Documentation for our products is available to the general public. There is no signup required. However, in order to benefit from Barracuda Campus training and certification, you need to have an account.

Who can sign up for Barracuda Campus?

Anyone can sign up for a Barracuda Campus account, free of charge. To get your account set up, you must provide a valid email address. Email address and account must be personal, single use, and linked to your company. For example:

Not accepted: private email addresses, addresses from public providers (such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo), and shared bulk addresses like support@, IT@, etc.

Account creation and login procedures depend on your company status:  

How to Log In as a Customer

You (or your company) own and/or operate, but do not sell, Barracuda Networks products, and you want to benefit from official training or certification? In this case, you need to register an account with Barracuda Campus. For instructions, see: I am a Customer.

How to Log In as a Partner

You (or your company) sell Barracuda Networks products? In this case, do NOT register an account. Instead, log in with your Barracuda Partner Portal email address and password. For instructions, see: I am a Partner .

How to Log In as a MSP Partner

For instructions on how to register as a Barracuda MSP partner, see: I am Barracuda MSP Partner

Already have a Barracuda Cloud Control account?

You already have an account with Barracuda Cloud Control? Then you are good to go!  

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Barracuda Cloud Control email address and password.

Do I need an account to read articles?

No. Login is not required to read documentation articles on Barracuda Campus. However, if you log into Barracuda Campus, you may find additional learning materials, training courses, and certification.