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Training Centers

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What is the difference between Barracuda Training Centers,Training Partners, and Authorized Training Centers?

  • Barracuda Training Centers offer training conducted by official Barracuda Networks trainers.
  • Training Partners and Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) are not run by Barracuda Networks but have been licensed to provide training for Barracuda Networks products.
    Authorized Training Center

How can I see if training is held by Barracuda Networks or an Authorized Training Center?

All classes are labeled according to the responsible training center.

Contucded by..

When registering, you will also be automatically forwarded to the relevant Training Center website.

Register at ATC

How do I find and contact a Training Partner or Authorized Training Center (ATC)?

The Training Center website provides contact information and links to corresponding websites.

  1. From any Barracuda Campus page, scroll down to Site Map and click the Training Centers link.
  2. Locate your country and select the applicable training center.

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What does training cost?

Prices vary, depending on the training center and training partner. Please contact the Training Center for more information.