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Barracuda Reference / FAQ


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Is there anything I should know before taking an exam?

All our exams consist of multiple-choice questions. You will need a computer with Internet connection to take an exam. Since the exam is open book, you can consult reference material or use the Internet while taking the exam. When finishing an exam, you will receive a pass or fail grade. All test results can also be viewed under History on the My Exams page.

My Exam.png

I did not receive an invitation to take my exam.

'The trainer said I would receive an email to take the exam. I haven't received it yet. What can I do?'

Email notifications are sent at the conclusion of a course. Please allow 48 hours after completing a class to receive the email notification. If you have not received the email after 48 hours, first check your junk or spam folder. Otherwise, if you don't have a direct link, you can always find the exams under the respective course and certificate pages.

For courses that consist of individual modules or topics with exams, such as Classroom for Advanced Trainings - WAF + NGF, the corresponding tasks are listed on the certificate page. For example: NGF03 Barracuda NextGen Firewall F - NextGen Firewall Features.

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If an exam is locked, the prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to take the exam. Details can be found on the corresponding course content page.

Can I repeat a failed exam?

Yes. Depending on the type (exam, self assessment) and certificate level, each exam has a predefined attempt limit. The attempt limit is shown in the summary every time a test starts.

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If the maximum attempts have been exceeded, you must wait a certain amount of time (this can be between 24 hours and 7 days) to retake the exam. To check whether and when you can retake the test, hover over the Start Exam button and a pop-up box will appear with all relevant details.

cooldown timer+.png 

Can you reset my attempt count?

Resetting the attempt count is not possible. You must wait until you are allowed to retake the exam. 

How can I renew an expiring exam?

Extending an expiring certificate is possible at any time, even prior to the date of expiration. To renew a certificate, go to My Certificates and click the Expired tab. Select Renew next to the certificate you wish to extend.


Exams are also listed on the corresponding course page. To display exams for a course, click on the Exams link under For This Course.


Can I see which questions I answered incorrectly?

As soon as a test has been completed, a summary will be displayed, showing the test result and how many or (depending on the exam level) which questions have been answered correctly, incorrectly, or not at all.


On top of the exam, you can also see which questions have been answered by number:

  • Grey underline – not answered
  • Blue underline – answered
  • Blue marked – current question
  • Bookmark  –  Question that has been bookmarked for later

Exam questions.png

To bookmark a test question for later, click Bookmark Question at the bottom of the page.

Is there a time limit for taking an exam?

Every test has a preset time limit. Depending on the exam level, this is between 10 and 90 minutes. The time limit for your test will be given before you start the test.


The test page will also display a countdown of the time remaining for you to finish the test.

Time remaining.PNG

If your time runs out, your exam will be submitted with the answers you have completed.

Can I resume taking the exam if I lose my Internet connection or close the exam window and reopen it later?

You will be able to resume taking the test as long as the time limit has not been exceeded. An open exam will be shown on every Campus page. Click Resume Exam to resume the test.

Resume Test.png

You will then be forwarded to the test page again. The time remaining for you to finish the test will be displayed in the top-right corner of the window.

If not resumed or closed incorrectly, the test will be rated unsuccessful (0%).

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