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Barracuda Reference / FAQ

Partner Specific

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My company is a Partner. How do I obtain a login account?

Partner accounts must be explicitly created in the Barracuda Partner database and cannot be created by the user.

If you don't have an account yet, you can do any of the following:

  • Contact your Campus Manager (see section What is a Campus Manager below) who can request an account via Campus
  • Contact your Sales Representative
  • Send an email to campus@barracuda.com and provide the following information:
    • first name
    • last name
    • your company email address
    • job title
    • complete company name and address
    • In addition, a brief approval from your Manager is required in order to create the partner account for you

When you are logged in as Partner, your reseller ID is displayed under your company name, and the navigation bar offers an additional menu, containing tabs for your company.

Partner Navigation Bar

Which certificates are relevant for the Partner status?

Certificates that are relevant for the Partner status will be labeled explicitly with Partner Program.

Partner Porgram lable

For a list of certificates that count towards Partner compliance, go to Certification Offered for the Barracuda Partner Program.

Certification Menu

The Certification menu provides an overview of all certificates owned by your company and employees.

Certification Overview

Information is divided into the following tabs:

  • Certification by products:  Lists all certificates by product
  • Certification by employee: Lists all certificates by employee

Under each tab, the certificates are ordered by level:

  • Certified Sales (CS)
  • Sales Representatives (SR)
  • Product Specialists (PS)
  • Technical - Engineer and Expert (EG)
Filtering Options

Use the "View" menu on the page navigation to filter the certificates by different criteria.


  • Show planned certificates:  Shows all certificates that have been set as goals. Goals are displayed in brackets.
    Show planned certificates
  • Hide employees with no certification:  (only for table Certificate by employee) Enable this option to show only employees that have obtained a certificate.
    Hide employees with no certification
  • Partner program certification only: Shows certificates that are relevant for the Partner status.
    As soon as this filter is selected, the requirements for the status are also displayed. You can see how many employees are required according to the Partner program, and how many employees have already obtained a certificate. The present Partner level, including the current status ("Compliant" or "Not Compliant"), will be shown under Company Information.

Partner Program certification

Below the table, you can check and verify all valid certificates in detail, including the time of validity. An option is provided to copy the certificate to the clipboard and export it as an Excel or CSV file. 

Only certificates displayed on one page (Show) will be copied or exported. If the maximum of 25 (default value) page entries is exceeded, increase the Show value for the page.

Certificates (Valid)

The section"Certificates (Expired)"and "Goals" show both certificates that have expired and goals, along with an option to export. 

Certificates (Expired)

Use the filtering function to narrow down the list entries. To filter the entries by product, level, or employee, hover over the column or row label and click on the filter icon that appears. The filter will be highlighted in color, and a row appears on top of the page, indicating that a filter has been set.

 Filter Table


The "Employees" section lists all employees that have been logged into Campus with their Partner account at least one time, and who are therefore linked to the company. Click "View Profile" to view the most important activities of an employee, such as valid and expired certificates, goals, and completed courses.


What is a Campus Manager?

A Campus Manager is a person who has the administrative rights to administer employees for a Partner company.

On the "Employees" list, managers are highlighted in color.

Campus Manager flag

Under <company name> > Employees, managers can:

  • Request new Partner Portal accounts
  • Request the deactivation of existing accounts
  • Assign goals and certifications to employees

To request a new Partner Portal account, click the Request a "New Partner Portal Account" link under the employees list.

Request New Partner Portal Account

To request the deactivation of existing accounts, select the user you wish to deactivate, expand the drop-down menu next to "View Profile", and select "Request Deactivation".
Request Deactivation

Please be patient: the creation and deactivation process can take up to one workday. You will be notified via email as soon as the request has been completed.

By deactivating the Partner Portal account, the selected user will no longer be able to access the Barracuda Partner Portal or this website. 

To assign goals and certifications to employees:

  1. Select the user and expand the drop-down menu next to "View Profile".
  2. Select "Assign Goal". The "Assign Goal" window opens.
  3. Choose the certificate and click "Assign".

Assign Goal - Employees

Your employee will receive a notification that will also be listed under your messages.

A Campus Manager can also assign goals under <company name> > Certifications.

To assign goals and certifications to employees:

  1. Hover over the certificate column next to the user name.
  2. Click the plus sign (+).
  3. Select "Assign goal to employee".

Assign Goal - Certification

To delete a goal:

  1. Go to <company name> > Certifications.
  2. Under Goals, hover over the goal. A delete button (x) appears.
  3. Click the X to delete the goal.

Delete a Goal

Partner Program Compliance Widget

The Partner Program Compliance widget is part of your Company Dashboard, located on the Dashboard page.

 Partner Program Compliance Widget

This section offers a simple breakdown of your company's compliance level. From left to right, you will find the different roles and the number of employees that are required for the corresponding level. Your Partner level is shown in bold letters. The number of employees who have obtained certificates is displayed in dark orange.

  • Certified Sales (CS)
  • Sales Representatives (SR)
  • Product Specialists (PS)
  • Technical - Engineer and Expert (EG)

Each Partner Level requires a different number of employees holding the different qualification.

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