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Barracuda Reference / FAQ

Barracuda Safe Browser User Guide

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The Barracuda Safe Browser is the iOS companion app for Barracuda Web Security solutions. It is a full-featured mobile browser that extends organizational web content security policies to mobile devices and provides a safe and secure Internet browsing environment.

Along with transparent Web Security Gatewaying, the Barracuda Safe Browser offers a rich interface and user experience similar to Safari. The Barracuda Safe Browser provides:

  • Easy-to-use tabbed browsing
  • Centrally managed bookmarks
  • Twitter, Facebook and Email sharing of links
  • Location tracking for devices
  • Printing support for AirPrint printers

The simple controls of the Barracuda Safe Browser on the iPad

IPAD and Help.png


The simple controls of the Barracuda Safe Browser on the iPhone

Safebrowser_User_Guide_Picture1 002.jpg

Accessing and Viewing Websites

Tap the address bar to enter a web address (URL) using the keypad. Change your home page by tapping the Settings icon. Clear browser history by tapping the Settings icon, then Clear History. To request full desktop browser rendering of sites instead of mobile device rendering, tap the Settings icon, then Request Desktop Sites.

Bookmarks and History

  • Tap the Bookmarks icon to see your bookmarks. The Bookmarks will list both your locally created  bookmarks and possibly those downloaded by your organization.
  • Tap the right arrow icon bar to add a bookmark or to see browsing history.
  • To remove a bookmark, swipe the bookmark from left to right, and then tap the Done button that appears.

Printing and Sharing Links over Twitter, Facebook and Email

Tap the right arrow icon for options to print, share by email, Twitter or Facebook, or enter a code to temporarily bypass filtering.


Tap the Search bar to type in your search string, just as you would in any other browser. Change your Search Engine of choice by tapping the Settings icon.

Blocked Pages and Temporary Bypass

If you browse to a web page that is not allowed by your organization's policies, you'll see a block page. You can use the Temporary Bypass feature for when you're in an airport, hotel or internet cafe if you need to access a page to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Access Temporary Bypass by tapping the right arrow icon.

Private Browsing

To browse without saving your browsing history or cookies, tap the Settings icon and turn Private Browsing ON.

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