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Release Notes for Barracuda DC Agent

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Fixed in Version 7.2.3

  • NPS log monitor now sends incremental updates for logon events correctly. [BNDCA-251]
  • File system read permissions for the directory containing program data (config, log files) have been hardened. [BNDCA-254]

Fixed in Version 7.2.2

  • NPS log monitor now works properly on domain controllers with non-English system locale. [BNDCA-245]

Fixed in Version 7.2.1

  • User reporting performance has been improved. [BNDCA-241, BNDCA-242]
  • DC Agent monitor can no longer be started without administrator privileges. [BNDCA-240]

Fixed in Version 7.2.0

  • The DC Agent is now working properly for read-only domain controllers. [BNDCA-226]
  • Group membership queries no longer cause high CPU load on domain controllers. [BNDCA-236]
  • The DC Agent no longer sends group information unless configured. [BNDCA-222, BNDCA-233]
  • UPN username format can now be used to specify AD credentials. [BNDCA-237]

Fixed in Version 7.1.76

  • The Remote Monitoring DC Agent no longer causes memory loss on domain controllers. [BNDCA-214]
  • Verified DC Agent on Windows Server 2019. [BNDCA-215]
  • Updated software publishing certificate. [BNDCA-217]
  • DC Agent no longer loses configuration (settings.xml) after upgrade. [BNDCA-218]

Fixed in Version 7.1.71

  • Fixed race condition when caching user groups. [BNDCA-209]
  • WMIListener now restarts after failed InitiateConnection. [BNDCA-211
  • Automatically filter logons from appliance IP addresses. [BNDCA-212]

Fixed in Version 7.1.67

  • The agent now logs host version and IP address. [BNDCA-200]
  • The agent now detects NPS service on Windows Server 2016. [BNDCA-201]
  • Ability to extract IPv4 address from 6to4-encoded IPv6 addresses. [BNDCA-204]
  • Keyboard shortcuts to accept the German license terms work as expected. [BNDCA-205]
  • Description is now visible in the User filter pop-up window, [BNDCA-206]
  • Filters on groups, as expected, if the group filter is added by policy after the service has started. [BNDCA-208]

Fixed in Version 7.1.59

  • The Barracuda DC Agent is configurable via ADMX/Group Policy. [BNDCA-191]
  • Clarified that group filters operate on group CNs, not DNs. [BNDCA-192]
  • Added policy to exempt configured appliances from monitoring. [BNDCA-193]
  • Authentication does not fail with agent. [BNDCA-195]

Fixed in Version 7.1.50

  • All columns are now sortable in the Barracuda DC Agent configuration web interface. [BNDCA-180]
  • The admin can enter a description along with an IP address on the Filters tab. [BNDCA-181]
  • Localized for German. [BNDCA-84]
  • Updated EULA terms for the Barracuda DC Agent. [BNDCA-186]
  • Added new commands to include timestamps in logins. [BNDCA-187]

Fixed in Version 7.1.41

  • DC Agent.log is created correctly and accessible. [BNDCA-174]
  • User and group filters support sub-string matching using wildcards. [BNDCA-177]
  • The Barracuda DC Agent installer adds domain, public, and private profile network exceptions in Windows Firewall. [BNDCA-182]
  • The Barracuda DC Agent supports Windows Server 2016. [BNDCA-178]

Fixed in Version 7.1.37 

  • Updated GUI assets in About dialog box.
  • The DCA service works as expected if listening port in use. [BNDCA-171]
  • The Barracuda DC Agent can be run with a non-Domain administrator account. [BNDCA-162]
  • Application and dialog box icons no longer use the deprecated globe icon. [BNDCA-169]
  • Multiple instances of the Barracuda DC Agent can run concurrently on the domain controller. [BNDCA-168]

What's New in Version 7.1.32

  • Ability to filter user logins reported to the Barracuda Web Security Gateway by AD group membership. Note that this feature only compares a group’s sAMAccountName, not its CN or DN, and that the filters do support wildcards. Also, for instances of the Barracuda DC Agent that are paired with the Barracuda Web Security Gateway instead of the Barracuda NG Firewall, creating any of these new group filters enables all of the group tracking that the Barracuda NG Firewall requires, which will have some impact on performance.

What's New in Version 7.1.30

  • Addition of Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch translations.

What's New in Version 7.1.29

  • Addresses a regression in the interaction between the Barracuda DC Agent and the Barracuda NG Firewall. 
  • Addition of Japanese and German translations.

What's New in Version 7.1.28

  • Fixes an issue in the installer that caused the EULA (license agreement) not to be rendered on non-English systems. [BNDCA-161]