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Barracuda Campus Help Center / Reference

I am a Barracuda MSP Partner

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Barracuda Campus offers specialized training and certification for partners and resellers of Barracuda Networks. To take full advantage from Barracuda Campus training and certification as an MSP Partner, you need to have a Barracuda Campus account.

How do I sign up from the ECHOplatform Portal?

  1. On any page, click the Support button.
  2. Click one of the two blue buttons below the Barracuda Campus heading. The Barracuda Campus site opens.
  3. Click Login in the top-right corner of Barracuda Campus.
  4. Click the link Don’t have an account?
  5. Follow the instruction, starting with #3.

How do I sign up from Barracuda Campus?

  1. Go to, and click "Login" in the top-right corner of the page.
    Campus 1.png
  2. On the Login screen, click "Don't have an account".
    Campus 2.png
  3. Complete the registration information. Barracuda Campus recognizes your information and knows if you are a Barracuda MSP Partner.

    Your email address must be personal and linked to your company. For example: Not accepted: private email addresses, addresses from public providers (such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo), and shared bulk addresses like support@, IT@, etc. The email address must be on file with Barracuda MSP and have MSP authorization. Please find out more at the end of this page or contact your partner manager (1-800-569-0155) , or if you have any questions.

    Sign up for a new account

  4. Click "Submit Registration".
  5. Check your inbox for an email that gives you instructions on what to do next, based on your role.

    If you are a new customer, you will receive an email letting you know that your email address has been recognized as a Barracuda MSP Partner. If you already had an account with Barracuda Campus, you will also receive an email, this time informing you that you already have an active account. The email provides a link in case you have forgotten your password. If you already had an account, the re-login process will upgrade your account, allowing you access to the MSP product information.

    Activate your account

  6. Click the link and complete the registration information.
    Complete registration

Click "Confirm and Login". You are logged into Barracuda Campus. For general information on how to log in, see How to Log into Barracuda Campus .

When you are logged in as MSP Partner, Account Type: Partner is displayed under your company name. The navigation bar offers an additional menu that contains tabs for your company.

  Navigation bar -  MSP.png

If you are a MSP Partner, but get asked to complete your registration, or are not able to access Barracuda MSP Trainings (ECHOplatform, Barracuda Intronis Backup), p lease start a new session, log out ( ) and log in again. If this does not help, your email is not set up in the MSP database yet and you have to ask for authorization;


Don't have MSP authorization ?

Your company is an MSP partner, but you cannot access MSP trainings? In this case, contact your Barracuda Networks Representative and request the Barracuda MSP authorization. Alternatively, you can send an email to  Barracuda Campus.

Make sure to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Company name and address  
  • Personal company email address
  • In addition, a brief approval from your manager is required in order to create the partner account for you

What is a Campus Manager?

A Campus Manager is a person who has the administrative rights to 

  • Request new accounts (MSP authorization) 
  • Request the deactivation of partner accounts
  • Assign goals to their employees

On the "Employees list", managers are highlighted in color.

Campus Manager.png

Your Barracuda Networks Sales Representative will be able to upgrade an account to Campus Manager.