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Barracuda Networks Product Power Consumption in Watts

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To determine the number of watts drawn for a particular Barracuda Networks appliance, multiply the number of volts and the number of amps drawn per the Barracuda Networks product datasheet. For example:
watts = volts x amps

ProductInput amperageWatts

Barracuda Email Security Gateway 300


144 watts
Barracuda Web Security Gateway 4101.4168 watts
Barracuda Web Application Firewall 4601.4168 watts

The amperage usage in the above examples is based on 110V. If you work with 220V, still use the wattage shown; however, the amperage usage will be lower (ex: 144 Watts / 220 V = 0.65 Amps).

For more information, see the Datasheet for your Barracuda Networks appliance in the Products section of