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What do these Energize Update error codes on my Barracuda Networks products mean?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00000961

All Barracuda Networks products, all firmware versions.

If you see an error code displayed on the Basic > Status page of your Barracuda Networks product, it could mean that your Barracuda is having trouble communicating with Barracuda Central.  All Barracuda Networks products need to be able to make outgoing TCP connections on either port 80 or 8000 to keep their Energize Updates up-to-date. The error codes are usually (but not always) indications of the following:
  • -1 The Barracuda cannot contact or connect to Barracuda Central.
  • -2 The Barracuda's subscription has been suspended because the Barracuda is being or has been replaced.
  • -3 The Barracuda's purchase order is still being processed, and the Barracuda is not yet recognized as sold.
  • -4 The Barracuda was purchased for use in the United States of America, but is now being used internationally. 
(Note: if you believe error code -4 to be in error, please contact support to verify)

  • -9 The Barracuda is behind a proxy server that is not configured to allow the Barracuda access to the internet on either port 80 or 8000, OR there are entries in the TCP/IP configuration for a peer proxy, even though you are not using one. See solution Solution # 00006821 for more details.
  • -10 The Barracuda appliance has been marked as a spare unit and will need to have it's subscriptions transferred or purchased.
If you see an error code and are confident that it is not a network communication issue, please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

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