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Why are different pages in my Barracuda Networks' Web user interface taking a while (or failing) to load?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001379

All Barracuda Networks products, all firmware versions. This solution assumes that only certain pages are having issues, and that other pages have no problems.

If certain pages are taking a while to load (or fail to load altogether), it is because the Barracuda unit is nearing or exceeding your browser's timeout limit when generating those pages for view. It could take up to fifteen minutes for a timeout to occur on some pages. In the instances where the Advanced > Energize Updates, Basic > Status, and/or the Advanced > Firmware Update pages are involved, the Barracuda unit must contact our update servers (making an outgoing connection over TCP using port 80) in order to fully load. If the connection to our servers is slow or broken, these pages may take longer to load, or completely fail to display. Another symptom of this issue is a failed support tunnel from Advanced > Troubleshooting. To verify that port 22 is accessible on the network, please refer to Solution 00006360.

If other pages are exhibiting latency, it could simply be that the device is under a heavy load, or that you have specified a complex request that exceeds your browser's timeout limit. If problems like this persist, please contact Barracuda Technical Support.

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