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When should I reimage my Barracuda Networks product? How should I do it?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001390

All Barracuda Networks products, all firmware versions, serial numbers 25000 and above.

Please contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support for assistance - do not re-image a Barracuda Networks product without first consulting a Barracuda Networks Technical Support Engineer.

If warranted or desired, you can re-image a Barracuda Networks product (available on Barracuda Networks products with serial numbers at or above 25000). This will restore factory settings, including firmware version, and completely wipe out any configuration settings, logs, and other information present on the Barracuda. After a re-image, the Barracuda Networks product will be as it was when you first received it - with the default configuration, empty logs, and (likely) outdated firmware. If you wish to keep your settings, take a backup of your configuration beforehand, and restore it after the firmware has been update again. For help restoring a backup file, see Solution #00001924.

To perform a full system re-image, you will need local access to your Barracuda Networks product. Follow these steps to completely erase and reset your Barracuda:
  1. If you can - please perform a configuration backup, as well as any SSL certificates you may be using
  2. Connect a monitor and PS/2 keyboard directly to the Barracuda.
  3. Reboot the Barracuda. This can be done by clicking the Reboot button at the bottom of the Basic > Administration page of the web interface, or by holding down the button on the Barracuda's front panel. Do not remove and reconnect the power cable or otherwise interrupt power to the Barracuda Networks product.
  4. During reboot, you should see the Barracuda splash screen. You will have about three seconds to choose the Recovery boot option, which should be the second option listed. Use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to select Recovery, and then hit Enter. A picture of the splash screen has been attached to the bottom of this solution for reference.
  5. Once the Recovery Console has loaded, a new list of five options should be displayed. Select the second option by pressing the number 2 on the keyboard:

    2)    Perform Full System Re-image

    A picture of this menu has been attached to the bottom of this solution for reference.
  6. After confirming the operation, the re-image will begin. This does not typically take longer than 10 minutes, but may take up to a half-hour.
  7. After it finishes, select the fifth option to reboot the Barracuda:

    5)    Exit recovery mode and reboot

  8. Allow the Barracuda to reboot normally. When it has finished, you will need to assign IP information and configure your settings using the web interface, as with any new Barracuda Networks device. For assistance, please see the relevant Quick Start or Administration Guide on our documentation page here:

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