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Why won't users show up on the Account View page when the session manager and DC Agents are have been configured with my Barracuda Web Filter?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001437

All Barracuda Web Filters, firmware versions 4.0 and above.

If you've configured your Barracuda Web Filter to work with the Barracuda DC Agent and Active Directory as described in Solution #00002865 and users are not appearing on the Users/Groups > Account View page, any of the following could be wrong:
  1. Your DC Agent version may be out of date. Update your Barracuda Web Filter to the latest firmware version. Then, check the version running on your Windows Domain Controller, and compare it against the version available for download on the Users/Groups > Authentication page, under the DC Agent Configuration heading. If they differ, you should install the latest version of the DC Agent onto each of your Domain Controllers. At time of writing, the latest DC Agent version available is 7.1.13
  2. The Barracuda Web Filter's IP address might not be correctly entered into each DC Agent's local configuration.
  3. The DC Agent process might not be running or set to Automatic on each Domain Controller. You can find this on the Domain Controllers by opening Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
  4. All users might not actually be passing through the Barracuda Web Filter, or the Barracuda Web Filter mihgt not be configured in Active mode (on the Basic > IP Configuration page). The Barracuda Web Filter will only show users on the Users/Groups > Account View page after they are seen browsing the web. This means that traffic from a user should be filtered by the Barracuda Web Filter at least once before they appear on the Users/Groups > Account View page.
  5. If you are running Active Directory on Windows Server 2008, a memory leak in the Windows Management Instrumentation framework may be responsible for the issue. You most likely have this issue if you log on to the Windows 2008 server and discover that wmiprvse.exe is consuming a large amount of memory. This is a known issue with a patch available from Microsoft, located here:
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