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Why is there a red status indicator next to one of the units in my Email Security Gateway or Barracuda Web Filter cluster?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00001871

This solution applies to the Email Security Gateway and Barracuda Web Filter Firmware Release 3.5 and above (Email Security Gateway) and 3.2 and above (Barracuda Web Filter).

The status indicators to the right of each unit in the clustering page indicates the ability to connect to other units in the cluster. A green dot indicates that the connection is alive and that the units are clustering properly. A red dot indicates a problem communicating with that unit.

Most commonly, this is due to the units being unable to communicate with each other over the necessary ports. The Barracuda Networks products use port 8002 to synchronize information. Please be sure that the units are able to communicate with each other over these ports. The Telnet option in the Advanced > Troubleshooting page can be used to test this connectivity.

The units may also have trouble communicating with each other if the shared secret is not the same on all units in the cluster. It may be necessary to remove and re-enter the shared secret on all units in the cluster so that it will be refreshed on each system.

If the problem persists, please contact Barracuda Technical Support.

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