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Why can't I mark a specific message as Spam or Not Spam on my Email Security Gateway?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00002289

All Barracuda Spam Firewalls, all firmware versions.

In order to be added to a Bayesian database, a particular message must exist in the Message Log (the entire body of the message must be present). If the Email Security Gateway blocked a message during the initial connection stages (for reason of RBL, invalid recipient, rate control, etc.) then the body of the message was never received, and it cannot be added to any Bayesian database. In addition, the message must also contain at least 10 words in the body of the message. The Bayesian database uses the words in a message's body, so if the body is nearly or completely empty, the Email Security Gateway will not allow you to mark that message as Spam or Not Spam. This also means that messages with attachments that have no message body cannot be marked as Spam or Not Spam. If you see this behavior, the Email Security Gateway is functioning as it should.

Marking a message as Spam or Not Spam in a user's Quarantine Inbox, or by using a user's email client plugin, will not affect the Global Bayesian Database - it will increment the appropriate count for that user's Per User Bayesian Database. To view a particular user's Bayesian database, go to that user's Quarantine Inbox and navigate to Preferences > Spam Settings page.

Additional Notes:
If marking a valid message as Spam or Not Spam does not increment that user's Bayesian database when using an email client plugin, the email client plugin may not be communicating with the Email Security Gateway.

A special header, X-Barracuda-URL, is added to each message to identify the IP address of the Email Security Gateway that  processed that message. While being configured, the plugin will not list any possible Barracuda IP addresses if no Barracuda-scanned e-mails have been received by that user since it was installed. The plugin will update its list of available IP addresses as new emails arrive directly from BEmail Security Gateways.

This header is used by the plugin to determine where to connect when adding a message to a Per User Bayesian Database. By default, the header contains the Barracuda's IP address as configured on the Basic > IP Configuration page in the Barracuda's web interface. In situations where the Barracuda is behind a firewall, this would commonly be a private, internal IP and thus inaccessible by users located on a different network (i.e. external users located outside the firewall). You can specify a different IP address or hostname to be used instead by placing the desired value in the Quarantine Host field on the Basic > Quarantine page, and saving changes.

Additionally, the email client plugin communicates with the Barracuda via the web interface port (generally port 80 or 8000). In order for the plugin to communicate with the Email Security Gateway, it is necessary for this port to be open between the user's PC and the Barracuda. The Barracuda's web interface port may be configured on the Basic > Administration page in the Barracuda's web interface. The X-Barracuda-URL header also contains this port number, the port number that will be used when marking messages as Spam and Not Spam with the plugin.

The Barracuda mail client plugins will mark messages as Spam and Not Spam based on the X-Barracuda-URL header in those particular messages; making the changes described above will only affect future messages.

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