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What is and how does it affect my Email Security Gateway?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00003969

All Email Security Gateway, all firmware versions.

Barracuda Networks has partnered with to improve the deliverability of legitimate email over traditional IP "whitelist" services. To help combat spam email, domain owners register their domains and sending IP addresses with Registering domain information and sending IP addresses in pairs compels domain owners to take responsibility for email that both emanates from their registered IP addresses and uses their associated domain information. Pursuant to registry with, domain owners are required to provide their contact information and agree to respond to reports of spam that reflect their IP and domain information.

The Email Security Gateway exempts registered IP address and domain name pairs from specific spam filtering layers to avoid potential false positives and to reduce overall system load. Spoofed domains or email originating from registered IP addresses that do not come from the registered domains are scanned normally.

To audit listings, Barracuda Central monitors submissions of spam samples from customers.  As part of its relationship with, Barracuda Networks has priority escalation privileges to resolve problems with listings. in turn works to resolve these issues with its registered contacts.

Email Security Gateway customers should report any problems resulting from domain / IP address pairs to Barracuda Networks by submitting spam samples to Barracuda Central. For more information about how to submit spam samples, please refer to Solution #00002387.

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