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How can I prevent my source IP addresses from being translated to the link address when the firewall is disabled on the Barracuda Link Balancer?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00004064

All Barracuda Link Balancers. Firmware versions 1.1 and above, with the Link Balancer firewall mode disabled.

To prevent source IP addresses from being translated to a Link IP address when a connection is established from a client machine on the unit's LAN (while the firewall is disabled), add the IP addresses that are to be translated to the Link address.

The Source IP Addresses for Link Balancing definition option appears (and applies) only if the built-in Barracuda Link Balancer firewall is disabled.

If the Link Balancer Firewall is disabled on the Firewall > Mode page, you can add source IP addresses for load balancing with the help of Technical Support.

If no addresses are specified, all outgoing traffic is link balanced.

If you want to balance traffic from only some systems on your network, enter the source IP address or addresses that your firewall uses to NAT that traffic.

Additional Notes:
Do not enter IP addresses for those systems that need to have traffic originating from them pass through the Barracuda Link Balancer while maintaining the original source IP address. Examples of such sytems may include mail servers or VPN endpoints. Traffic from these systems will go out on the WAN link which is on their subnet and will not be link balanced

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