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What are the latest features for Barracuda Control Center?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
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Barracuda Control Center is available both as a service and as an appliance. There will be no charge for the service for now, though this is likely to  change in the future. For customers that want to manage devices from within their own networks, BCC will also be available as an appliance. The price for BCC appliance is in the price list.

What products can be connected to Barracuda Control Center?

1. Barracuda Web Filters that have firmware version 4.3 or above can be joined to the BCC.
2. Barracuda Web Application Firewalls that have firmware version 7.4 or above can be joined to BCC.
3. Barracuda Spam and Email Security Gateway firmware version 5.0 or above can be joined to BCC.

When will support for additional products be available?

1. Basic support for Barracuda Message Archiver (stats only) - March 2011

Information about additional products will be added shortly.

What address needs to be available on my firewall so my product can connect to Barracuda Control Center?


Information about when future features will be released is subject to change without any prior notice.