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What is the recommended hardware configuration for deploying the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Vx Virtual Appliances.

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #4854

This solution applies to all Email Security Gateway Vx Virtual Appliances.

The Email Security Gateway Vx hardware requirements listed below are in addition to whatever the Virtual Machine environment itself needs to run.  Please refer to the appropriate documentation (e.g. the VMWare ESXi documentation) for exact requirements.

Also, VMWare products tend to measure CPU utilization in number of Megahertz (MHz) used by the Virtual Machine.  This depends on:

1. Type of processor(s) used (Intel vs. AMD, Core vs. Xeon vs. Athlon/Phenom vs. Opteron, etc.)
2. The specific amount and type of traffic going through each connection.

CPU capacity:
1000 users: 1 GHz
5000 users: 2 GHz
10000 users: ~4GHz

A minimum of 2.5GB of RAM per core is recommended.

Disk Space:
- 50GB for the disk image (the download image is 2.3 GB, but it then allocates 50GB when installed). 
- We recommend at least an additional 250GB for snapshots and other system maintenance tasks.

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