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How do I map a drive with Network Connector on the Barracuda SSL VPN?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00006089


This solution applies to Barracuda SSL VPN models, all firmware versions.


Unfortunately it's not possible to use the NET USE commands in the Up Commands with Network Connector as the network connection does not complete until about 10 seconds after the Up Commands finish. To work around this issue, please follow the below instructions.

Log on as ssladmin onto the SSL VPN main interface.

Navigate to Resources>Network Connector then next to the client configuration you want to map drives for, click Edit.

In the Up Commands (Windows) section, enter something like the following:
start cmd /c c:\drives.bat

The batch file can be in any location and with a name of your chosing, but take a note of this information as it will be needed below.

In the Down Commands section, enter something like the following:
net use j: /d /y

Set whichever drive letter you would want to map as. Make a note of this information.

Now to link the Up/Down commands to actually map the drive, create a batch file on the client system which you want to map the drives on.
E.g, create c:\drives.bat

In this batch file write:

REM *********************************



ECHO Waiting 10 seconds before mapping drive


REM Delay for Win7 clients

timeout /t 10 /nobreak > nul

REM Delay for XP clients

netsh diag ping loopback >NUL

netsh diag ping loopback >NUL

ECHO Mapping drives

net use j: \\server\share password /USER:username

REM *********************************

Take care to enter the same drive letter as the Up/Down commands and to place the batch file in the same location referenced by the commands.

Please Note:- The 10 second timeout has to be handled differently on Windows 7 and XP, this script should handle both of these without issues.