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How can I subscribe to Outage Notification alerts for my Barracuda Networks services?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution # 00006119


This solution applies to the Barracuda User Community in regards to subscribing to Product Alerts and Service Notifications for products.


The Barracuda User Community is used to provide Service Outage Notifications. By subscribing to these per-product forums, you can receive up-to-date alerts from Barracuda Networks about the status of your service. These alerts are only generated by Barracuda staff as a means of informing customers of an upcoming or current service interruption.

There are two methods for subscribing to these alerts:

Method 1 - (From Status): Navigate to   Click on Subscribe to Updates.   Select the type of notification you would like to receive (Email, SMS, Atoms or RSS feed) and enter the email address or phone number to be notified.  Select the services that you would like to be notified about and click Update Preferences.


Method 2 - (Inside Forum): While browsing your product/service's forum section, click the "Service Announcements" sub forum, then click the Follow this Forum link in the upper right to begin receiving notifications.

Additional notification settings (like weekly digests and inline alerts) can be managed by clicking your avatar on the Community homepage, and then selecting the 'Notification Options' tab.

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