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How do I increase the HDD Partition size in my Barracuda Virtual Appliance, when the option to do so does not appear?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00006180

If you have previously downloaded a virtual image "Vx machine" from Barracuda Networks and this original image is an older image (say a year or older), it is very possible the image is from a version that did not have this option "built in." You will need to download and re-install a new image from Barracuda Networks in order to be able to access this functionality for your Virtual Appliance.

Please be informed: you will have a very limited amount of time (usually recommended no more than ½ hour after you install the new image with the same key) during which you will need to shut down the old image! When the 2 Virtual Appliances connect to Barracuda Central, the Energize Update servers will choose which Virtual Barracuda device they deem as an 'invalid' device and shut it down. You will not want this to happen, especially if it is the new machine you have just spent time re-building that is the one chosen to be shut down.

Please be sure to have read the important information above before attempting this procedure.
A new image for the virtual appliance can be downloaded by following this link

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