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How do you use search in the CPL Message Log?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
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Q: How do you use search in the CPL Message Log?

A: The message log in CPL has been updated which has improved speed and reliability of the log but there are some changed in how it works.

By default the message log only searches the last two (2) days of activity.

If you are looking for mail OLDER than two (2) days then you need to use the TIME option.

Select TIME and you can then

1. Leave it as displayed to search the last 30 days of mail (maximum the CPL log goes back)

2. Enter your own timerange (use this to limit results returned)

Again please note that the maximum number of days you can search for is 30 days regardless of what you set the TIME range to. Please don't look for mail in the log that came in 40 days ago as you will not find it.


Partial searches for FROM and TO addresses are no longer allowed. For example..

sending email address =

you can search for


You can NOT search for


Searching for subjects is similar. You can search for partial subjects but you must search for full words in the subject. For example

Subject = this is a continuation of a topic

you can search for any of the full words above or complete strings (this is a) but you can NOT search for partial words or phrases

This is a contin

To find the above subject. No results will be found.

Due to how the indexing works there are some characters in subjects that we are not parsing correctly at this time.


can all return unusual results and will often be seen as just a blank space in a search. Try to avoid using subject searches with these characters in them.


Finally there is no wildcard searching available and searching is NOT case sensitive. Exact match searching is all that is going to work.

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