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User is unable to retrieve an archived message because they do not have permission to view it

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00007643
Scope:ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions




A user receives an error that they are not able to access their archived messages because they do not have permission to view them.


There could be a number of reasons why a user would not have access to the messages in the archive.  For instance, they may have been removed from Mailbox Manager list or their permissions have been removed, or the user's name may have changed (therefore creating a new DN).  Further logging will be required to determine the root cause.


Depending on the root cause, re-adding the user to Mailbox Manager may fix this:

1. Open ArchiveOne Admin Console.
2. Select the Mailbox Manager node.
3. Right-click the user in Mailbox Manager and select Disable for Processing.
4. Right-click the Mailbox Manager node and select Add...
5. Select the required user from the Global Address List and click OK.
6. If the user is listed in the Mailbox Manager twice, you will need to grant the newly added account rights to the disabled account.
7. Right-click the disabled account and select Properties.
8. Underneath 'List of users that can search into the archive of this mailbox', click the Add button.
9. Select the user from the Global Address List and click OK.
10. Click OK on the Mailbox Properties window to save the change.

Now ask the user to retest retrieving an archived message to confirm if this is resolved.


If the issue is not resolved, an ArchiveOne service trace will more clearly determine the root cause: 

How to Enable Advanced Tracing


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