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How can I check the NIC card interface for connectivity issues for my Barracuda (products)Web Filter?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00007442



If a system seems to be having concerns with a NIC card or both NIC cards.
The NICs are bridged with the same IP needing to be on the same subnet.

The system cannot be forced to 1 GIG speed, the other devices should not be forced to any speeds normally, the barracuda default is to auto negotiate speed and duplex. This can be viewed on firmware 7.x and up, on the Basic Tab> status page. Changes to the barracuda, will require assistance from a support technician.
According to the image below we need to verify and know the concerns for either NIC of the Barracuda device and also what devices are connected to the Barracuda and their settings.
The red areas are the points to know what the settings show now, what they get changed to, what media is used and changed to, what the outcome of testing has proven towards media, NICs, settings, network, if a NIC seems to be dead, a re-image may be required to see if it becomes responsive again.
Test methodically and document all that is done. Get images of tests also, ie.. NIC settings on other devices, errors etc? from customer console view.

Some testing may require the unit to be inline if it is normally inline with an issue, but is not present when not inline.
1.       Start with what you have now, Ping one side of unit (LAN), what happened?

2.       Ping other side (WAN), What happened?

3.       If needed, Verify Ping with new cable, Straight thru, crossover, cat6a, what happened?

4.       Ping a totally different device now, What happened?

5.       IF proved now that only the WYF NICs are an issue, You can run a repair form the recovery console with a PS/2 keyboard attached and a monitor, reboot unit into recovery console login, for first repair option ? no 
data loss.

6.    If the Repair fails to show any improvement, see about any GUI access via a browser and a non status/dashboard page link, for login, ie? http://<webfiltersIP>:8000/cgi-mod/index.cgi?&primary_tab=BASIC&secondary_tab=ip_config&user=admin
Just replace <webfiltersIP> with your barracuda systems IP address.

This should log you into the IP config page faster than the default landing page.

7.       If no access still, You will need to then Re-image the unit (from the recovery console), this will lose any archived data on the unit and start from factory settings again.

8.       Immediately upon a re-image, please verify immediately if the NICs are functional. Note testing per WAN and LAN and the outcome. If still failing it may be best  to try one more reimage as the new system will not be getting there any sooner anyway.

9.       If able to check the NICs via a support tunnel, record all testing done.

10.   Verify changing the cable if working on one NIC, to prove if not working on second NIC. If working verify system is connecting fine with device that seems working, for one NIC at a time. We are trying to methodically verify the NIC will communicate with a device and a cable and the other NIC will do the same or not.

11.   We just need to be sure the issue is not the cable, ie.. media type Cat5, 5e, 6 , 6a, crossover, straight through, length --  issues .

12.   Then to verify the ports are good one at a time with our device and with the other devices used. Ports can go bad and may be the customers NIC port used.