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What are the Default Filesystem Settings for a Barracuda Virtual Appliance?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
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Barracuda Virtual Appliances

VM Filesystem Creation

When you install a Barracuda Virtual Appliance, we use the following default settings:

1. Partitions aligned on 1MB boundaries, created at compile time before we package the VM
2. All filesystems ext4 with default options, created the first time the VM is booted
3. Any additional partitions (e.g. expanded/additional disks added) are also aligned on 1MB boundaries, created at disk addition time

As a result, the majority of customers should experience no undue performance problems due to partition alignment or similar issues (and indeed, we've noticed very little effect in changing settings on various hardware in QA testing). Due to the diversity of hypervisor host hardware and difficulty in changing settings after deployment (most setting changes would require a reformat to affect), we do not support changing settings from filesystem defaults at this time.

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