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How can I import a virtual product, such as Spam, into Xenserver via CLI?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00006753 

Barracuda Virtual Appliances


// upload the product file to the XenServer 

// This command imports the template, the uuid returned is the template uuid, we will use this uuid in the next command 
[root@xenserver-gdfosmxh ~]# xe vm-import filename=BarracudaSpamFirewall-vm3.2.3-fw5.1.3.004-20130801.xva 

// Create a vm from the template we imported. Specify the vm's name and template uuid here 
// Returns a vm uuid 
[root@xenserver-gdfosmxh ~]# xe vm-install new-name-label=BarracudaSpamFirewall template=58c8fac4-e36c-4639-b0c4-1f4dd9074e44 

// Start the vm using the vm name 
[root@xenserver-gdfosmxh ~]# xe vm-start vm=BarracudaSpamFirewall

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