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Platform Migration Status

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Over the coming months Barracuda Networks will begin the process of migrating existing customers to our new Public Cloud Infrastructure. The current platform migration status is shown on the Dashboard page in the Account Status section with a new item labelled Platform.


Status Description

The following describes the four different statuses available:

  • Barracuda Cloud – The tenant has not been migrated and is running in Barracuda Cloud.
  • Data Migration in Progress –  Customer data currently migrating to Public Cloud. Some application services and data are running in Barracuda Cloud.
  • Service Migration in Progress – Application services currently migrating to Public Cloud. Some data and application services are running in Barracuda Cloud.
  • Public Cloud – Tenant migration is complete. All data, processes, and application services are hosted in the Public Cloud.  


Why is Barracuda Networks migrating to a new Public Cloud Infrastructure?

As part of our commitment to provide our customers with best in class enterprise software, we are upgrading some of our critical systems to the latest versions. This requires us to move data from older systems to newer systems.

Will I lose my data?

No, your data will not be lost. The migration will move all your data to the new system.