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How to Configure a Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Service Account and Import Historical Data

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To set up Exchange Online using Exchange Web Services (EWS) with the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service, see How to Configure Microsoft Exchange Online Email Import Using EWS.

A Microsoft 365 Exchange Online service account provides Exchange Server directory permissions to grant the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service read access to all mailboxes.


If this is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) account, refer to this article  Azure MFA Requirements for Microsoft CSPs  to ensure the correct configuration is set.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online message throttling policies set bandwidth limits and restrict the number of processed messages. Throttling is enabled by default in Microsoft Exchange Online. Currently you cannot set policies to disable throttling in Exchange Online; for details, refer to the Microsoft Outlook dev blog. Barracuda is working on a solution to provide this option in the future.

Step 1. Connect to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

  1. Install Exchange Online module.
    • If you have already installed Exchange Online module, proceed to the next step.
    • To install Exchange Online module, open Windows PowerShell as an administrator and enter the following command: 
      Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement
  2. Connect to Exchange Online Powershell and log in with your Microsoft 365 administrator account using the following command:
  3. After you connect to Exchange Online PowerShell, enter the following command:
    Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Add-MailboxPermission -User <> -AccessRights fullaccess -InheritanceType all -Automapping $false

    Permissions are assigned on existing mailboxes only; if additional mailboxes are added to your organization, you must rerun this command. For more information on adding mailbox permissions, see Add-MailboxPermission in Microsoft TechNet. For information on testing mailbox rights, see Get-MailboxPermission in Microsoft TechNet.

Step 2. Import from Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

  1. Log into the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service as the admin, and go to Mail Sources > Exchange Integration.

  2. Click Start New Action. In the Select Action page, click Email Import.
  3. In the Select Server page, click Add New Server.
  4. In the Add New Server dialog box, enter a Configuration Name, the email address for the service account and the service account password.
  5. Click Autodiscover.
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