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What's New in Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service

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What's New March 18, 2020


What's New June 20, 2019

  • Improved large PST export stability. [BNMA-21274]
  • Improved retry logic to prevent Exchange Integration jobs from ending prematurely. [BNMA-21337]

  • Exchange Integration now reports messages as failed if they're unable to open after multiple retries. [BNMA-21176]
  • Saved searches with Date criteria no longer appear on the Saved Searches tab with an erroneous +0000 time zone. [BNMA-19342]

What's New May 9, 2019

  • Added support for Office 365 encrypted message journaling. [BNMA-19724]
  • Allow control access to Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service per role using IP addresses. [BNMA-20300]
  • Improved timeout logic for Exchange Integration. [BNMA-20598]
  • Improved error detailing in Exchange Integration Autodiscovery when detecting users with valid email address but no mailbox. [BNMA-20612]
  • Added start and end dates for importing mail in Exchange Imports. [BNMA-21054]
  • Emails with attachments are correctly indexed as having attachments. [BNMA-20719]
  • PST exports with messages that have very large attachments are successful. [BNMA-20608]
  • Increased Exchange Store Sync limit to 250,000 items. [BNMA-20924]
  • Exports with double quotes, at signs, and other symbols in the name can now be downloaded. [BNMA-10805]
  • Search results are now correct when using double quotes in the search type. [BNMA-14778]
  • Archiving mail sent to user or group aliases are visible to all recipients. [BNMA-14714]
  • User Search in the Audit Log now filters correctly. [BNMA-17793]

What's New March 20, 2019

  • The Outlook Add-In now supports Barracuda Cloud Control Multi-Factor Authentication [BNMA-14199]
  • Archiving mail sent to user or group aliases may not be visible to all recipients [BNMA-14714]
  • Deleting PSTs could fail for customers with large folder structures [BNMA-20226]
  • Exporting a large number of items to PST could fail when the export is interrupted and resumed [BNMA-20310]
  • Large folder structures could fail to transfer from a Barracuda Message Archiver to the cloud [BNMA-20031]
  • New user welcome messages now include a link to the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service [BNMA-20312]
  • Outlook Add-In could display messages located in the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service as blank when searching from a cloud-connected Barracuda Message Archiver [BNMA-20007]
  • Poor connections could cause SFTP IP ban during authentication [BNMA-20478]
  • Retention Policies page could fail to load if a large number of policies or saved searches are present [BNMA-20144]
  • Searching on Email > Domain was case-sensitive [BNMA-14909]

What's New December 3, 2018

  • Added support for SMTP CHUNKING ("BDAT") extension. This allows Exchange Server and Exchange Online to archive messages containing bare line-feed characters [BNMA-19852]
  • Autodiscover form now requires a User for Exchange Integration server configurations [BNMA-19066]
  • Retention policy changes are easier to understand in the Audit Log [BNMA-19446]
  • Azure AD user accounts no longer logged out too soon [BNMA-19733]
  • User/Auditor search whitelists that contain a distribution group no longer expand that group's addresses when searching [BNMA-15260]

What's New October 08, 2018

  • New option to retry failed users from Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-18860]
  • Added skipped items to Exchange job reports [BNMA-18776]

  • Added the ability to resume interrupted downloads from Firefox and other download managers that adhere to RFC 7233 [BNMA-19092]

  • Exchange Integration reports now include skipped items [BNMA-19140]

  • Improved Exchange Job retry logic [BNMA-19349]

  • Improved error reporting for Personal Archive imports [BNMA-19040]

  • Increased tracing logging in Outlook Add-in [BNMA-19283]

  • Outlook Add-in now logs a warning if Office is blocked from creating child processes via Windows Defender policy [BNMA-18709]

  • Skipped mailbox RSS items are now classified as skipped instead of failed. [BNMA-14698]

  • Certain conditions can cause Exchange Integration jobs can fail [BNMA-19401]

  • Discrepancy on failed Exchange Import messages between the Report Link and Status Message [BNMA-17417]

  • Exchange Integration does not report users as skipped once any data has been processed [BNMA-19046]

  • Exchange Integration jobs are treated as successful as long as one user is processed [BNMA-18775]

  • Exchange Integration jobs can restart mailboxes from scratch unexpectedly [BNMA-19296]

  • Exchange Integration jobs can unexpectedly time out [BNMA-18931]

  • Exchange Integration service cannot connect to mailboxes on [BNMA-19239]

  • Exchange Integration service cannot connect to mailboxes on [BNMA-18153]

  • Exchange import jobs may unexpectedly skip an item and report it as failed [BNMA-19052]

  • Exchange integration setup skips autodiscovered endpoints without valid certificates [BNMA-16347]

  • Folder Selection not getting cleared with new Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-19257]

  • Improved Exchange Integration retry logic [BNMA-19038]

  • Improved error handling for Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-18955]

  • Improved error handling for Exchange Public Folder Import jobs [BNMA-18961]

  • Improved error handling for autodiscover [BNMA-18958]

  • Large messages may cause sync issues with Email Encryption Service [BNMA-18851]

  • Large retention jobs may stop prior to purging all items [BNMA-19071]

  • Mailboxes with MAPI disabled log incorrect error during Exchange Integration jobs [BNMA-19202]

  • Outlook add-in trims trailing whitespace from password [BNMA-19170]

  • Outlook add-in will not install if a previous version was installed via advertisement [BNMA-18941]

  • Processed users with no processed folders do not appear in job report [BNMA-19045]

  • Public Folder imports may result in failure [BNMA-19091]

  • User canceled jobs may fail to cancel [BNMA-19231]

  • XSS vulnerability in message preview [BNMA-19316]

What's New August 22, 2018

  • Admins now have the ability to expire all client API sessions by clicking the Log Out All Clients button on the Client Downloads page [BNMA-19103]
  • Client sessions for disabled or deleted users now expire automatically [BNMA-18594]
  • Outlook Add-in users now have the ability to drag and drop messages from archive search results to mailbox folders [BNMA-17893]
  • Outlook Add-in logon dialog no longer requires Cloud Archiving Service users to enter a host name [BNMA-17227]
  • Client download performance enhancements [BNMA-18388]
  • Icons are now included in the item type drop-down on the Outlook Add-in search tool [BNMA-17778]
  • New workflow for adding new servers for Exchange Integration [BNMA-18785]
  • Admin role can sometimes be lost when adding or changing Directory configuration in Barracuda Cloud Control [BNMA-18795]
  • International accounts that are near their expiration date may display the wrong subscription status on the dashboard [BNMA-18790]
  • Nightly Exchange jobs may continue to run after being remove from the UI [BNMA-18751]
  • Folder tree view fails to completely load if a user has 10 or more assigned PST files [BNMA-18736]
  • Outlook may crash during startup when Outlook Instant Search feature is enabled [BNMA-18713]
  • Large PST exports may fail [BNMA-18670]
  • Search page Help documentation incorrectly states that the browser timezone is used when displaying the time for search results [BNMA-18437]
  • Outlook Add-in search terms that include a hyphen may return invalid results [BNMA-18327]
  • Exchange Integration jobs may fail if their service account has a different mail domain than user mailboxes [BNMA-18295]
  • Outlook Add-in installer completes successfully but can not be enabled in Outlook on older versions of Windows that do not have the Universal CRT installed [BNMA-18232]
  • Outlook Add-in does not support VWS in search results [BNMA-18226]
  • Conversation History folders are skipped during import if they do not contain the correct container class [BNMA-18098]
  • Outlook may crash if an Outlook Instant Search store is removed while searches are running [BNMA-17863]
  • Outlook Add-in search window allows multiple stores to be selected [BNMA-17796]
  • If there are multiple locales for a given system, e.g. French and English for Canadian user, the Outlook Add-in installer will only register store providers in the last-used locale [BNMA-17733]
  • Outlook add-in allows users to run stub actions when connected to Cloud Archiving Service even though stubbing isn't supported [BNMA-17532]
  • Exchange Integration jobs may fail to import RTF messages that contain CJHK data [BNMA-17210]
  • Outlook Add-in install fails on computers that have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office applications installed [BNMA-16171]
  • Outlook Add-in sync errors may cause the archive store sync process to crash [BNMA-16041]

What's New June 18, 2018

  • General Exchange Integration improvements. [BNMA-18338]
  • Increased stability and performance when running consecutive Exchange Integration jobs. [BNMA-18340]
  • Exchange Integration Folder Sync jobs are now more likely to finish during off-peak hours. [BNMA-17295]
  • Built-in PowerShell scripts for Exchange 2013 Standard Journaling now include the creation of a remote domain and send connector. [BNMA-15663]
  • General optimization that results in increased transfer speeds when mirroring a Message Archiver appliance to the cloud. [BNMA-17384]
  • Configuration changes may not be saved when editing a user's role. [BNMA-18368]
  • Barracuda Cloud Control link in the setup wizard points to an invalid configuration page. [BNMA-18344]
  • Autodiscover for on-premise Exchange can lead to incorrect Exchange Integration configurations. [BNMA-17173]
  • Page requests can sometimes fail with 403 Forbidden error. [BNMA-18335]
  • Jobs may take longer than expected to stop after clicking the Cancel button. [BNMA-18194]
  • Users with an email alias that contains an apostrophe receive unexpected results when searching mail. [BNMA-17506]

What's New May 22, 2018

  • Added support for multiple Active Directory configurations
  • Added Directory Synchronization widget to dashboard help
  • Replaced Last LDAP Sync Time with Directory Synchronization on the Account Status dashboard widget
  • Improved error handling for Exchange Integration tasks
  • The configuration setting for archiving encrypted messages is now disabled if email encryption is not enabled in the Barracuda Email Security Service
  • General enhancement to improve page load speed
  • Certain conditions may cause a mailbox to be skipped during Exchange imports
  • Certain conditions cause the Outlook Add-In to display incorrect folder data
  • Error is generated when trying to search a shared mailbox or shared mailbox subfolders from the Outlook Add-in
  • Large folder sets can fail to load
  • Certain conditions cause a delay in Folder Sync tasks
  • Specifically formatted messages fail to sync from Email Encryption Service
  • Client Downloads page fails to render when the Android app manifest is missing
  • Certain conditions may cause a PST import to get stuck in the queue
  • Parentheses are not escaped in search queries

What's New January 17, 2018

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is now available in the following regions:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Add the ability to archive unencrypted copies of messages encrypted using the Barracuda Email Security Service - US region only. [BNMA-14402]
  • PST imports can fail under certain conditions. [BNMA-16648]
  • The Accounts page fails to load when too many LDAP users or groups are configured with custom roles on the LDAP User Add/Update page. [BNMA-16555]
  • Barracuda IP addresses may be incorrectly logged as Client IP addresses in the Audit log. [BNMA-16455]
  • Users are unable to authenticate using LDAP if Cloud-to-Cloud Backup was previously configured. [BNMA-16374]
  • Configuration for Nightly Email Import jobs is malformed when the option to Process Personal Archives is selected. [BNMA-16370]
  • HTML in the Digest email for Policy Alerts does not render correctly in Outlook. [BNMA-16234]
  • Under certain circumstances, users are able to log in to the client API when Enable Client Access is set to No on the Client Downloads page. [BNMA-16222]
  • Audit log adds multiple entries for logins. [BNMA-15966]

What's New October 12, 2017

Note that a sufficiently large number of PST files or folders can prevent the PST folder structure from displaying for admin users.


  • Policy Alerts: Users with the Admin and Auditor role can now enable automated digest emails based on Saved Search filters.
  • Client API: Client applications can perform searches based on the Has Linked Attachments filter.
  • Autodiscover is now required to configure new Exchange Integration jobs.
  • Added support for MAPI over HTTP connections to Exchange Integration tasks.
  • Added additional error handling and retry logic for Exchange Integration tasks.
  • Improved support for IE11.
  • General UI enhancement.
  • Exchange Integration engine now has better error handling for malformed messages.
  • Folder names containing Unicode were malformed.
  • Time zone irregularities.
  • Exchange Integration job history sometimes fails to load.
  • Under certain conditions users can remove Admin tags.
  • Exchange Integration jobs fail to load in the UI.
  • Autodiscovery of archive mailboxes on Office 365 sometimes fails.
  • Resend to Me doesn't update Subject or Message-ID.
  • LDAP configuration allows account to get in a state in which users are unable to log in.
  • Umlauts not displayed correctly in Outlook Add-in search.
  • Under certain conditions large items get stuck in processing queue.
  • Improved error handling in parsing engine

What's New November 10, 2016

  • Searchable SharePoint link metadata. Emails containing SharePoint links are now searchable as a class of email (Has Linked Attachment) and the filename of the shared file will be included as part of Attachment Name. Note: only emails archived after this release will have these attributes. This feature is only available for the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service and Barracuda Essentials accounts.
  • A downloadable Windows PowerShell journaling setup script is now available for on-premise Exchange installations.
  • For Office 365 accounts, journaling setup can now be performed on your behalf by the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service.

What's New September 2016


What's New August 03, 2016

  • Streamlined login API for faster Add-In and mobile client response times
  • PST exports now honor the 'Preserve Journal Wrappers' setting on the Basic > Administration tab
  • The IBM Notes client is now available from the Users > Client Downloads tab  

  • Total message count shown in the task summary is now correct for CSV exports when messages are located on both the cloud and the appliance

  • Correct datacenter redirection when activating a Barracuda Essentials trial

  • The total message count displayed for certain Exchange tasks was inaccurate

  • Local and LDAP users can successfully log in to the Outlook Add-In and search the archive when TLS v1.0 is disabled in the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service [BNMA-14057]
  • Search on multiple criteria using AND/OR options from Outlook Add-In [BNMA-13380, BNMA-13760]

Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service Overview

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