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Secondary Authorization

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The Enable Secondary Authorization option and Authorization Requests table are available only to admins and auditors.

The Audit Log is available only to the admin role.

Secondary Authorization requires admins and auditors to obtain additional approval from another user with the admin or auditor role to search and view results. Once Secondary Authorization is enabled, disabling Secondary Authorization also requires a second approval. Enabling Secondary Authorization causes certain potentially sensitive actions to require a request to be approved before execution.

  1. Log into the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service as the admin, and go to Policy > Secondary Authorization.
  2. Set Enable Secondary Authorization to Yes, and click Save.

Authorization Requests

The Authorization Requests table lists all pending or approved requests that have not expired. Pending requests can be approved or denied. Approved requests that have not expired can be revoked or extended.

Types of requests:

  • Search – Request to run searches, export, and view results.
  • Disable – Request to disable Secondary Authorization.