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Barracuda Cloud Control

How to Connect Your Barracuda Networks Appliances to Barracuda Cloud Control

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Before a user can connect a Barracuda Networks appliance to Barracuda Cloud Control, the account administrator must enable Appliance Control under Product Entitlements on the Account > Users page for the selected user.

  • Only users that are account admins can connect appliances to Barracuda Cloud Control. An account admin has Barracuda Cloud Control privileges for User Management.
  • Your Barracuda Networks appliance can connect with only one Barracuda Cloud Control account at a time. Ensure your Barracuda Networks appliance can reach the internet to be able to connect to Barracuda Appliance Control. If you are using Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series, use the BASIC > Cloud Control page.

You can connect your Barracuda Networks appliances to Barracuda Cloud Control by doing the following:

  1. Go to, enter your login and password details, and click Login.
  2. Click Appliance Control in the left pane. The Dashboard page displays, including a message indicating that no appliances have been connected.
  3. In another browser window, log into the product you want to connect to Barracuda Cloud Control. From the product ADVANCED > Firmware Upgrade page, check to make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the product. If not, download and install it before proceeding.
  4. From the ADVANCED > Cloud Control page in the product, enter your Barracuda Cloud Control account admin username and password, click Yes to connect to Barracuda Cloud Control, and click Save.

    Note that your appliance can connect with only one Barracuda Cloud Control account at a time. If you are using Barracuda NextGen Firewall XSeries, use the BASIC > Cloud Control page. 

  5. In the Barracuda Cloud Control web interface, refresh your browser page. In the navigation tree on the left side of the page, you should see the number 1inaBubble.png immediately to the right of the newly connected Barracuda Networks appliance. By default, statistics are presented for that appliance. Click on the appliance link to configure it using the web interface for that appliance.